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My cost optimization tools have been used by thousands of companies, non-profits and government departments over the last few years, here you can see a few of them.

I've also recently started offering consulting services, and have been helping several companies already with cost optimization work, consulting or helping roll out my tools.

How I can help

After working for more than a decade as individual contributor in relatively large companies, I know what drives engineers and how to get their buy-in to do the right things when it comes to using the cloud effectively. I also know how hard it can be to drive meaningful cultural change at scale, and my offering is particularly geared towards such large organizations.



Thorough examination of your company's cloud usage, to assess the current state of affairs.


Cultural change

Instill cost effectiveness into your company's DNA, so your employees are on board from Day 1.



Teach your people how to fish, diving deep into what can be done to optimize your workloads and how to actually do it.


Spring cleanup

Gamified hackathon with your employees, applying their learnings towards lowest hanging fruits.



Explore and kick off larger modernization work that can yield higher payoff over time.


Keeping it tidy

Subsequent audits, training and course corrections, to stay on top of later developments.

Let's talk!

Just as everyone is different, so are companies and even teams within a company. Each of them may have different needs, compliance requirements and risk tolerance, depending on their culture, the industry they operate in and maturity level.

That's why it's very important for me to be flexible and adjust my approach, working backwards from my customers' needs.

Let's have an introductory call to get to know each other and take it from there.


AutoSpotting makes it easy to adopt Spot instances in existing AutoScaling groups, without any changes to their launch template or launch configuration.

Once installed from CloudFormation or Terraform, you just need to apply the "spot-enabled" tag on your AutoScaling groups, and set it to "true".

AutoSpotting will take over such tagged groups and replace their instances with up to 90% cheaper and at least as performant Spot instances.

It automatically diversifies heavily, as per Spot best practices, as well as failing ver to on-demand capacity to compensate for terminated Spot instances and prioritizes newer instance types for best performance.

On the right side you can see a demo of AutoSpotting that resulted in 85% savings compared to the initially configured instance type, and you can install it in a few minutes using the link shown below.

testimonial face

“I think AutoSpotting has by far the best approach to utilizing spot instances that I’ve seen. With AutoSpotting we’re pretty much able to run our whole stateless production workload on spot instances.”

Andreas Sundström

DevOps & Development Director, OhMy.se

EBS Optimizer

Every running EC2 instance has attached an EBS volume as its main storage device. Volumes are much like your computer's hard drive, only attached over the network.

There are multiple EBS volume types, each with different cost and performance characteristics. Volume types overlap to some degree and in many cases, people use suboptimal configurations.

One may get better price and roughly the same or sometimes even better performance from another volume type, with savings anywhere between 8% and 85%, depending on the configuration, and most often 20%.

Volumes can be converted to other volume types in a manner transparent to the instances they're attached to.

EBS Optimizer continuously monitors the EBS volumes in your account and makes sure you're using the volume types with the best possible price/performance.

On the left side you can see a brief demo of it in action. and you can also install it in a couple of minutes using the below link.

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